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If your boiler is starting to cost allot to repair and is over 10 years old – it may be time to look at upgrading to a new system. At wscplumbing our expertise cover in depth training in particular manufacturers and their related product ranges which come with well established reputation, quality and competitive pricing and guarantees.

Whether you are looking to simply swapping an appliance for a new model or looking to alter your whole heating system we can assist you. If you want to join the growing tech savvy - then please have a look at our wireless controls if you are looking to have better control on your heating system.

Wireless controls

With so many brands and different user experience options and price ranges – we understand how crucial it is to know what you are getting. We can help you make the right decision for your home or business.

Conventional controls

If your preference is to upgrade like for like to save the hassle of extra costs and time to learn extra technicalities we can help you. We carry universal replacement parts and are prepared to replace on first visit.


Boiler Servicing / Water heaters

If it is that time of the year and your boiler service is due give us a call to book it in. We do offer 24 to 48 hour turn around service.

WSC Plumbing provide an extensive, high quality range of services including Gas solutions such as, Heating, Boilers and general servicing.

Our range of services include, but are not limited to: Boiler breakdowns, Boiler servicing and certification, Gas safety certificates and Landlord safety checks. Please see further details of services below.

Key gas services included are:

boiler servicing readingHeating


Best gas services in ReadingBoilers


Best Plumbers in WokinghamRadiators


Landlord plumbing services UKEmergency Breakdowns



Plumbing Services in WokinghamInstallations


Plumbing Heating Repairs WokinghamServicing


Best Plumbers in BracknellPower flushing


Boiler Repairs Service WokinghamUnderfloor Heating



Additional gas services we offer include:

  • 2 port and 3 port valve, S plan, Y plan, thermostatic radiator valves, lock shield
  • Radiators - heat problems, pressure problems, pressurised systems and vented systems, blocked cold feed, leaking valves, leaking rads , upgraded radiators needed, towel radiator, air in radiators
  • Pumps - bad circulation, reverse circulation
  • Hot water Cylinders
  • Unvented Cylinders
  • Heat problems
  • Power flushing - system cleansing
  • Magnetic Filters - for removing sludge from heating systems
  • System Chemicals - to protect and clean heating systems - product ranges from sentinel and fernox
  • Feed and expansion tank - over pumping, sludged up, over flowing
  • Expansion vessel - flat, full of water, lost charge
  • Pressure relief valve and pipe work - attached to expansion system and vessel
  • Underfloor heating - for bathroom refurbishments

WSC Plumbing's Promise: Guaranteed Workmanship & Quality Assurance

We offer a range of maintenance, service and repair services so we can cover all your plumbing requirements.

We cover all aspects of plumbing from bathroom installation to emergency repairs. Our vans are fully stocked and our engineers ready to find the most efficient way to resolve your problem.

All too often we see systems failing due to a lack of maintenance. This can lead to a build-up of layers of problems which can end up becoming large unexpected costs and inconvenience. Our servicing regimes cover every detail that affects your hot water systems to ensure that nothing is over looked.

Key plumbing services included are:

Best Heating Systems Reading

Emergency Leaks

Plumbing Services in Reading

Kitchen or Bathroom Repairs

Plumbing Services in Wokingham

Shower Repairs

Plumbing Heating Repairs Wokingham



Boiler Installation in Reading

Blocked waste pipe

Bathroom Installations Reading

Leaking Overflow

Bathroom Installations Wokingham

Toilet repairs

Emergency Plumbing Repairs Reading

Re-sealing / Silicone


A detailed list of the plumbing services we offer includes:


  • New Taps to bath, sink or basin
  • Power shower pump
  • Thermostatic mixer shower valve
  • Pipe work - copper hot and cold feeds, basin waist, over flow waist, soil pipe
  • Macerator installation
  • Dish washer installation
  • Washing machine installation
  • Bathroom installation
  • Basin installation
  • Bath installation
  • Sink installation
  • Shower installation
  • Scale filter installation
  • Water softener installation

Leak Repairs

  • Dripping tap - on board stock to replace worn washers, re-seating tools to cut in a new seal, taps kept on van stock
  • Dripping shower - solenoid may be faulty , failed internal seals
  • Leaking joint - copper joints, plastic pipe joints, waist pipe joints, soil pipe joints, compression joints, solder joints, tank connector joints
  • Over flowing Cold water storage tank - faulty part 1 or part 2 float valve
  • Over flowing toilet bowl - faulty siphon, faulty float valve
  • Leaking bath - worn seals
  • Leaking shower - incorrect installation or worn seals
  • Leaking through ceiling - strip down and investigation often needed to expose closed in leaking pipework or leaking joints
  • Leaking isolation valve
  • Blocked sink
  • Blocked basin
  • Blocked toilet

Faulty Part Repairs

  • Seized or faulty stop cock
  • Seized or faulty gate valve
  • Seized of faulty lever valve
  • Renew and remove moldy silicone
  • Seized or faulty taps, mixer shower valve - inadequate temperature control
  • No hot water - faulty immersion
  • Unvented cylinder not heating up
  • Dripping pressure relief valve - faulty valve, unvented components haven’t been serviced


WSC Plumbing's Promise: Guaranteed Workmanship & Quality Assurance

At WSC Plumbing LTD we pride ourselves in offering a wide range of services to the local community to endeavour to maintain a high level of efficiency in the delivery of these services.

All though we do offer a wide range of services to the larger domestic and business community we are especially focused on property ownership / management services.

Legal Obligations

We understand your legal obligations and are here to not only maintain annual safety checks but also to be a technical support in the vast arena of gas regulations and requirements.

Friendly Service

We offer a friendly service which ensures that your tenant and related property is maintained in the way you would expect your own home to be treated.

Why a Friendly Service?

This is to ensure that not only are your tenants safe but also happy with the overall reflection of our services provided on behalf of you. We are all too well aware of how difficult it can be to keep your certification obligations up to date.

To help manage this - on becoming a WSC Plumbing customer we will add you to our automated system with automated reminders set to the dates you specify.

The more time you have to arrange the appointments the better we can manage our schedules helping us maintain a high value and efficient service.

WSC Plumbing's Promise: Guaranteed Workmanship & Quality Assurance

WSC Plumbing - Your Local Plumbers

When the winter comes knocking on our door - the dreaded boiler failure may occur. Burst pipes can show up irritating leaks. These are just a few of the reasons we are here to help.

Faulty Boilers

If your boiler is faulty and you would like to book a repair simply call this number and we will provide a industry specialist to assist you in resolving what ever your issue may be. All our engineers are vigorously vetted and reach a minimum criteria to ensure that they have no criminal records or previous convictions. As each member of our team is carefully selected to ensure that your interests are protected in every way.

Regular Plumbing Maintenance

Having a regular regime of maintenance and servicing certainly does go a long way in helping to prevent system failure. So we offer a full range of servicing options to ensure that not only is your boiler safe but also operating in an efficient and well maintained manner. Our vans are stocked and our engineers ready to repair.

WSC Plumbing's Promise: Guaranteed Workmanship & Quality Assurance

5 million pound public liability , commercial experiences dealing with business plumbing and heating needs

We have a tight team and structure – our ambitions are to develop long term relationships based on efficient delivery of services with sub contractors, training, accounting, suppliers and contractors.

At wscplumbing we are not just building a business we are establishing a legacy. The heating and plumbing industry moves at a fast pace and it is important to be inline with related demands. Some times the smallest details have the largest implications. We will always aim to keep our edge and so only choose the finest delivery of services to sustain our business services to our customers.

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WSC Plumbing's Promise: Guaranteed Workmanship & Quality Assurance

We are a fully accredited heating and plumbing localised service provider

Our Mission

Our mission is to find a solution right for you. As much as we take care in the details of service the ultimate aim is to maintain long lasting relationships with our customers and partners.

About our Plumbing Service

We are prepared to deal with anything as small as a leaking tap to upgrading your hot, cold and central heating water/gas systems. Our vans are fully stocked with commonly used parts for boiler repairs and servicing.

All products and materials we use are carefully sourced for proven quality and we guarantee all repairs. We follow costing guides and maintain fully stocked vans to ensure your problem is resolved quickly at the right price.

We put a lot of emphasis on ensuring all health and safety procedures are adhered to. And to ensure that property and life is at the top of our priority list always leaving the job clean and tidy.

We are available 24/7 – please call our friendly team

All our work is fully guaranteed and our systems are simple and easy to follow from the moment we receive your call right the way through to the booking and completion. And we never make promises we don’t deliver on - if we say we can be there then we will ensure we stick to our commitment to you as we value your time.

WSC Plumbing's Promise: Guaranteed Workmanship & Quality Assurance

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